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Miracle Splint

  • Cures 50% of Carpal Tunnel, Tendinitis and Arthritis patients without surgery!
  • Calms pain, eases stiffness from Arthritis, Tendinitis, Bone and Ligament injury.
  • Custom molds to YOUR hand in 60 seconds.

The DITH™ Miracle Splint

What would you say about a device that:

  • Heals 50% of patients without surgery
  • Treats hand, wrist and forearm injuries
  • Dynamic, hinged and customizable design
  • Invented & tested by an Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon to heal patients without surgery
  • Treats fractures, tendinitis and arthritis
  • Heals with heat, massage and protected motion
  • That is clinically tested and proven to work.

You’d call it a miracle!

What is the DITH™ Miracle Splint?

DITH™ Miracle Splint is Customizable – to fit like a glove, ergonomically and physiologically correct – to actually treat hand, wrist and forearm injuries. It provides proper neutral position of the wrist and freedom of motion for activities.Recovering from shoulder injury or surgery has never been more comfortable and safe.This is the first Complete Shoulder System Designed to prevent frozen shoulder. Provides maximum support and sequential freedom in treatment for patients with Neck, Shoulder, Arm Injury.


What Doctors are Saying:

“The Neck Free Shoulder System is a revolutionary breakthrough for orthopedic surgeons who care for shoulder pathology.  It allows for an effective treatment of multiple shoulder diagnosis without worry of creating unwanted cervical spine and neck problems.  My own patients compliment the Neck Free Shoulder System on its ease of use and its ability to produce positive results.”
Dr. Dennis McHugh, Orthopedic Surgeon

• State-of-the-Art Device
• Greater Comfort
• More Convenient
• No Neck Straps
• Easy to use
• For All Body Types
• Used on right or left side

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