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Neck Free Shoulder System

Recovering from shoulder injury or surgery has never been more comfortable and safe. This is the first Complete Shoulder System Designed to prevent frozen shoulder. Provides maximum support and sequential freedom in treatment for patients with Neck, Shoulder, and Arm Injury.

DITH Neck Free Shoulder System The Ultimate Arm Sling, Shoulder Immobilizer & Airplane Abduction Pillow

Recovering from shoulder injury or surgery often takes a long time and usually requires a bulky device to keep the shoulder immobilized. DITH™ Neck Free Shoulder System can treat these injuries and improve recovery results.

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What the Medical Community is Saying about the Neck Free Shoulder System?

” Regarding the Neck Free System, I have been very happy with the results that the Neck Free System has delivered. I take care of a lot of very seriously injured patients. As a physician I am always looking for ways to help my patients with methods that are comfortable, effective and do not lead to any unwanted bad effects. I have found the Neck Free Shoulder system to be a great answer to the problem of shoulder injuries. It is very effective at immobilizing the shoulder and maintaining adequate stability that allows the shoulder to heal. The pillows that can easily be attached and detached with Velcro allow for an easy and comfortable range of motion to prevent contracture. The design feature that thrills me most is the fact that the patient’s neck does not have to anchor a sling; traditional arm immobilization devices create neck pain by dangling a heavy arm. The Neck Free system is comfortable, effective and helps prevent the creation of new neck problems. My patients have been very happy with this innovative device.”

– Dr. Guy W Fried, MD
Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

“This unit is excellent for controlling shoulder internal rotation.”

– Nando Addari
Master of Science in Physical Therapy

“The Neck Free Shoulder system is truly a functional and liberating non-invasive orthotic support system for patients with cervicobrachial pain and TOS symptoms. This device is an essential physical medicine intervention for patients who experience traction symptoms on sensitized nerve, joint and soft tissue pain in the neck and shoulder translated into dysfunction and pain in the entire upper limb without restricting freedom of motion in the critical scapulohumeral and cervical complex. Thanks for bringing this concept to market and allowing our patients a non-invasive means of controlling debilitating pain in their affected limbs.”

– Dr. Leonard Kamen
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

“The Neck Free Shoulder System is a revolutionary breakthrough for orthopedic surgeons who care for shoulder pathology. It allows for an effective treatment of multiple shoulder diagnosis without worry of creating unwanted cervical spine and neck problems. My own patients compliment the Neck Free Shoulder System on its ease of use and its ability to produce positive results.”

– Dr. Dennis McHugh
Orthopedic Surgeon

What Patients are saying about the Neck Free Shoulder System?

“During times of prolonged pain or flare-ups, taking weight off shoulder aided in the relief of pain.”


“It helps ease pain. Numbness decreases with daily use. I wear it while watching t.v”


“Helps decrease pain and pressure off of the very painful area. Have seen wonderful results”


“The system is most useful for immobilization of the shoulder and arm during periods of muscle spasms triggered by specific movements of these limbs. Additionally, the device can be reconfigured various ways to accomodate your needs and can even be utilized as a temporary pillow for various limbs during periods of rest””


“It helps me alot. It love it. It takes off pressure of my arm.”


Step 1: Open the belt and simply clip it on around your waist.


Step 2: Be sure it is nice and snug and then rotate the bag around to the front of your body so that it sits in front of that pointy bone in the front of your pelvis, called the anterior iliac crest (as shown above right).

Step 3:  Place your upper arm through the large loop in the back of the bag and then slide your hand, wrist and forearm under the long strap (on top of the bag) from outside, away from your body, toward your body and rest your forearm on top of the bag/arm board so that it is comfortable (as shown below).


Step 4:   Place your hand and wrist through the next loop and your forearm, wrist and hand should rest comfortably on the arm board, fingers dangling over the edge. Adjust the angle to your comfort.   For extra support if desired, bring the long strap from the back of the bag  across your upper arm, just below your shoulder and re-­attach it to the velcro on  the belt on the front of the bag. You’re all done!!!!


FOR LEFT ARM USE: Simply reverse the 2 loops and leave the arm strap as is. Adjust the arm board for comfort and you are all done.

Instructions for adding the large pillow

Step 1: Unclip the buckle at your waist and attach the velcro on the back of the fanny pack to the big pillow

Step 2: If you do your 30 minutes while you are sitting simply rest the pillow next to you on a couch or chair, no need for strap adjustment at all. If you will be up and around, simply buckle the 2 straps around your waist and your chest. and snug it up.


Congratulations! You should be feeling more comfortable and supported already. You can adjust the bag around your waist for a comfortable fit.

Important information to read about the DITH™ Products

As with any medical device if you develop any new pain symptoms, you should contact your treating medical professional immediately. Symptoms such as new pain, numbness, tingling, burning, chafing or irritation of the skin (often found in the armpit due to lack of movement) and progressive stiffness are not normal.

Doctor in the House™ makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of information provided with this product. Doctor in the House™ disclaims any liability or responsibility for injury or damage to persons or property which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of the DITH™ ERGO II Shoulder System and Abduction Pillow – SEWHO Erbs Palsy Design.

It is the users responsibility to know and follow local care protocol as provided by the medical advisors directing the system to which he or she belongs. Also, it is the reader’s responsibility to stay informed of changes in the treatment of upper extremity injuries.

Medicine is an ever changing science. In view of the possibility of human error or changes in medical science, neither the founders, employees or any other party who has been involved in the preparation or production of the DITH™ ERGO II Shoulder System and Abduction Pillow – SEWHO Erbs Palsy Design product warrant that the design and information contained herein is in every aspect accurate or complete and they are not responsible for any error, omissions, defects or injuries from the results obtained from the use of information or the DITH™ ERGO II Shoulder System and Abduction Pillow – SEWHO Erbs Palsy Design product.

Users are encouraged to confirm the information contained herein with other sources.

DITH™ Product Warranty

DITH™ ERGO II Shoulder System and Abduction Pillow
SEWHO Erbs Palsy Design

Your DITH™ ERGO II Shoulder System and Abduction Pillow SEWHO Erbs Palsy Design is warranted against defects found in material and/or workmanship for six months when used in accordance with generally accepted medical use and in accordance with the instructions provided by DITH.  Alteration to, misuse of, or failure to maintain use pursuant with the provided directions from DITH and your medical treating professional shall void this warranty. Normal wear and tear during the usage of a product is not considered a defect.

If for any reason you are not happy with the product, please contact Doctor in the House at 610-277-1998 or by email through so that we can help you with any questions or concerns.

If it is determined that a return or replacement of the product is appropriate, instructions will be provided as to how to do so. If the product is unused and a request is made for return, it must be in the original packaging and in new resalable condition or no refund can be given.
No merchandise is returnable without first obtaining company authorization.  

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