” Regarding the Neck Free System, I have been very happy with the results that the Neck Free System has delivered. I take care of a lot of very seriously injured patients. As a physician I am always looking for ways to help my patients with methods that are comfortable, effective and do not lead to any unwanted bad effects. I have found the Neck Free Shoulder system to be a great answer to the problem of shoulder injuries. It is very effective at immobilizing the shoulder and maintaining adequate stability that allows the shoulder to heal. The pillows that can easily be attached and detached with Velcro allow for an easy and comfortable range of motion to prevent contracture. The design feature that thrills me most is the fact that the patient’s neck does not have to anchor a sling; traditional arm immobilization devices create neck pain by dangling a heavy arm. The Neck Free system is comfortable, effective and helps prevent the creation of new neck problems. My patients have been very happy with this innovative device.”
-- Dr. Guy W Fried, MD Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
“The Neck Free Shoulder system is truly a functional and liberating non-invasive orthotic support system for patients with cervicobrachial pain and TOS symptoms. This device is an essential physical medicine intervention for patients who experience traction symptoms on sensitized nerve, joint and soft tissue pain in the neck and shoulder translated into dysfunction and pain in the entire upper limb without restricting freedom of motion in the critical scapulohumeral and cervical complex. Thanks for bringing this concept to market and allowing our patients a non-invasive means of controlling debilitating pain in their affected limbs.”
- Dr Leonard Kamen - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
“The Neck Free Shoulder System is a revolutionary breakthrough for orthopedic surgeons who care for shoulder pathology. It allows for an effective treatment of multiple shoulder diagnosis without worry of creating unwanted cervical spine and neck problems. My own patients compliment the Neck Free Shoulder System on its ease of use and its ability to produce positive results.”
- Dr. Dennis McHugh, Orthopedic Surgeon
“This unit is excellent for controlling shoulder internal rotation.”
- Nando Addari, Master of Science in Physical Therapy
“During times of prolonged pain or flare-ups, taking weight off shoulder aided in the relief of pain”.
- KK
“It helps ease pain. Numbness decreases with daily use. I wear it while watching t.v.”
- SN
“Helps decrease pain and pressure off of the very painful area. Have seen wonderful results”
- JW
“The system is most useful for immobilization of the shoulder and arm during periods of muscle spasms triggered by specific movements of these limbs. Additionally, the device can be reconfigured various ways to accommodate your needs and can even be utilized as a temporary pillow for various limbs during periods of rest”
- TS
“It helps me alot. It love it. It takes off pressure of my arm.”
- SS
“I think my pain is better because I use it all the time. I’m happy to have it. I would be upset if they took it away from me. I think this is why I am doing better”
- BR
“I was experiencing a lot of neck pain and tight ness of muscles in the shoulder and shoulder blade area. Using the Ergo with the Abduction Pillow to rest my arm for a couple of hours in the evening I feel immediate relief of tension and discomfort in the affected areas. Regular use has also resulted in decreased accumulations of pain and muscle tightness”
- Abby
“Provides relief. Takes weight off arm. Makes daily tasks easier to perform.”
- Steven
“I felt the Ergo was a lot better than the sling with abduction pillow that was sent with me after surgery. It was more comfortable and smaller and also easier to use and remove.”
- Nancy
“Helps reduce tension and pain.”
- Hope
“The Ergo Shoulder System takes stress off of my shoulder.”
- Andrew
“I walk a lot and the Ergo helps keep my hands from going numb.”
- Gary
“Very convenient way to keep arm and shoulder immobilized. Much better than a sling, where arm can still be swinging around.”
- Kathryn
“The Ergo allows me comfort, especially at night when I am most sedentary. Thank you Dr. Fried for always coming up with some device that gives your patients relief.”
- Nicole
“Fantastic – its better than a sleeping pill!”
- Michael
“The Ergo surely helps me when I go out shopping because it gives me a place to rest my arm.”
- Cindy